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Elevation Disc Golf Koi glo-G pink, teal


Manufacturer: Elevation Disc Golf
Make: Koi
Plastic: It's not plastic. glo-G
glO-G Silicone Rubber - Our glO-G material combines all the great things you love about OG with the ability to GLOW, super well we might add :) glO-G is as good as it gets for stopping ground-play and roll-aways. Being one of our floppiest materials it excels at absorbing impact, and with some practice, will shave some strokes off your game. Not to mention, the extremely vibrant colors help your disc stand out on the course and give each disc a unique look, day or night. They are awesome for normal rounds, glow rounds, or even playing catch at night due to its flexibility!
Weight: 172g
Flight Numbers: 3 | 4 | -2 | 0
Speed: 3
Glide: 4
Turn: -2
Fade: 0
Manufacturers Description:
About this run:  As Elevation Disc Golf's first putter, the Koi is made to float to the basket with ease. This understable putter will make for easy turnovers and dead straight approach shots. This run turned out super soft in the hand and very flexible to limit groundplay as much as possible. The PDGA approved Koi gives you the confidence needed to run even the most difficult putts and dangerous approaches.
 "The Koi was our first mold that really took off. I think an under-stable putter is something that players of every skill level will get use out of. This run of glO-G Koi will be my go to for straight approaches that stop on a dime, turnovers that I don't want to turn into cut rollers, or playing glow catch with friends."
-Austin Minnocci, Elevation Co-Founder, Mold Designer
Our Notes:
New disc.

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