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Elevation Disc Golf Interceptor ecoFlex


Manufacturer: Elevation Disc Golf
Make: Interceptor
Plastic: It's not plastic, it's rubber.
Our ecoFLEX rubber is made of vulcanized natural rubber, with up to 30% recycled material made of scrap from medical industry manufacturing such as rubber gloves, or stoppers. In other words, every 1,000 discs we produce prevents 10,000 rubber gloves that did not meet manufacturing standards from ending up in the world's landfills. Although it uses recycled material, it is extremely durable due to the strong and flexible nature of vulcanized natural rubber. It is also super grippy (think pink eraser or a new shoe sole) and is our stiffest material making it a seamless transition to throwing rubber while still reducing ground-play.
Weight: 171g
Flight Numbers: 5/4/-1/2
Speed: 5
Glide: 4
Turn: -1
Fade: 2
Manufacturers Description:
As Elevation Disc Golf's first disc, the Interceptor is made to simplify every approach shot. This overstable midrange has a low profile and a groove on the flight plate, creating a perfect feel for both forehands and backhands. Made from flexible, durable rubber, the PDGA approved Interceptor gives you the confidence needed to make the most precarious approaches look easy.
Our Notes:
Throw it in the wind, throw it in the rain. Very grippy.

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