It’s rapidly approaching the end of our first year in business. With the help of our friends and family we’ve been able to greatly “advance the disc down the fairway”.  In our first year, we’ve created lots of new dyes, held a couple pop-up events, built our inventory of the best and most sustainable disc golf products, built a website, started an Instagram page, started a Youtube channel and soon we’ll be opening the first disc golf only shop in San Francisco!

My wife, Julie Shumate has been instrumental in helping by becoming our wholesale contact person, chief compliance person and sales associate. Thanks so much babe! My daughter Ella continues to teach this old goat how to properly post on Instagram and encourages me to keep it up. 

I’d like to thank my good buddy, and first sponsored player on team BFD, Eric Davis for always being there for events, traveling to new disc golf courses, adding valuable input and helping me with my game. 

A huge thanks to the disc golf community as a whole. It’s been such a positive experience being welcomed by the San Francisco Disc Golf Club and the East Bay Disc Golf Club. I'd also like to recognize the amazing dyers who share their work, processes and information on YouTube: TDIDDY Army, Daddy Mac Dyes and Jory’s Fly Dye to name a few. 

 A shout out to our great wholesale partners which include AGL Discs, Discraft, Elevation Disc Golf, Flight Towel, Mint Discs, MVP Disc Sports and Trash Panda Disc Golf.  

Most of all, I’d like to thank all of you for buying our stuff and attending our events.

It’s my goal to get you the best gear, coolest dyes and the most sustainable options to help you further your game. Please stick with us as we continue to grow, offer you more products, insight and fun events.

Many thanks and, as always, happy hucking!

Bill and the Team