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AGL Baobab yellow w/magenta and cyan stamp


Manufacturer: Above Ground Level Discs
Make: Baobab
Plastic: Woodland
Weight: 172g
Flight Numbers: 4/0/1/3
Speed: 4
Glide: 0
Turn: 1
Fade: 3
Manufacturers Description:
The AGL Discs Baobab is an extremely overstable putt and approach disc golf disc. The Baobab sports a unique set of flight numbers at 4/0/1/3. This disc does not like to fly and when it does, it likes to fade hard. The Boabab features a top bead and flat top making it comfortable to throw both backhand and forehand further increasing its versatility. When made in our premium Alpine plastic, this disc becomes a freight train of a forehand roller shot, hence earning the title the “Bao-Bowler”! Whether you need a long putt to fall quickly to avoid trouble, need a tight s-curve flight, or just need a disc to dump hard the Baobab will take your approach game Above Ground Level. 
Our Notes:
A good choice for those short rollers too!

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