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BFD branded Flightowel JR


Manufacturer: Flightowel
Make: Flight Towel JR

Manufacturers Description:
Perfect for any bag, cart or belt loop, you just can’t go wrong with the FlighTowel JR.  Being the largest disc golf towel we offer, and with it’s unique design, it still doesn’t drag the ground when on a backpack or cart.  At approximately 16” X 24”, this microfiber towel has a small bungee and carabiner installed in the middle of the towel with a real piece of a disc used as a washer at the attach point (just like our mini).  The drying capabilities of this towel are just awesome, the attach point is extremely strong, you are going to be impressed by they performance of these disc golf towels.

NOTE:  To keep your new FlighTowel product working great every time you hit the course, please DO NOT use fabric softeners.  We recommend a machine wash / air dry process for washing our towels to get the best results.

size: approximately 16” X 24”
towel color: available in blue only
carabiner colors vary depending on availability

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