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AGL Acacia white


Manufacturer: Above Ground Level Discs
Make: Acacia
Plastic: Alpine
Weight: 175g
Flight Numbers: 3/4/0/0
Speed: 3
Glide: 4
Turn: 0
Fade: 0
Manufacturers Description:
This putter is a GAME CHANGER and most of our team converted from whatever putter they were using, over to this one! We paid to get the rights to use the most famous putter of all time - the Wizard (by Gateway Discs). Then we used our famous Pondy top and it created a monster! The Wizard has a flight number of 2/3/0/2, and our Pondy being slightly faster and less stable, it makes the Acacia have flight numbers of 3/4/0/0. This allows the disc to be like a more glidey, straighter flying, Wizard! 
Our Notes:
These take dye well. :)

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